A. Scoring

One point for each goal scored. No tie-breakers. 3-goal lead limit, move your front line players back and back to the front. Mix it up, give your more experienced players a break in action. Do not run the score up!!!

B. Substitution (3rd .4irn)

Go to midfield and notify the official. A player may enter the field:

  • On a goal kick (either team)
  • After a goal is scored (either team)
  • On a corner kick (Only team with possession)
  • On a throw-in Of team with possession subs in then the opposing team may also sub)
  • On an injury (only for the injured player)

C. Out-of-bounds

The ball must be completely cross the sideline or end line. A ball on the line is still in play. A player may be out-of bounds to kick a ball that is still in bounds.

D. Throw-in

A throw-in shall be awarded a team when the opposing team last touches the ball before the entire ball passes beyond the touchline either in air or on the ground. It may be thrown in any direction from where it crossed by a player who is facing the field and has both feet on the ground on or behind the touchline. The thrower shall use both hands and shall deliver the ball from behind and over the head in one continuous movement. The ball is playable when it has left the hands of the thrower and any part of it breaks the plane of the touchline. It may be played by either team, the thrower may not play the ball until it has been touched by another player.

E. Goal Kick

A goal kick shall he awarded to the defending team when the entire ball crosses the goal line(end line), last touched by the attacking team. The ball shall be kicked from the goal area and clear the penalty area, if not repeat kick. Players should be outside penalty area. The kicker cannot play the ball until another player has played it. A goal may be scored off a goal kick.

F. Corner Kick

A corner kick is awarded to the attacking team when the ball goes over the goal line and was last touched by the defending team. The ball is placed on the ground within the quarter circle nearest the point where the ball left the field of play. Members of the defending team must be at least 10 yds. away until the ball is kicked. Ball may be played by anyone except the kicker. A goal may be scored.

G. Free Kicks

Free kicks shall be classified "direct" from which a goal may be scored or "indirect" from which a goal may not be scored unless the ball is touched or played by another player of either team.

DIRECT FREE KICKS ARE AWARDED: if a player spits at, kicks, trips, strikes, jumps at, (or attempts to), if a player pushes, holds, or charges an opponent in a dangerous manner, charging a goal keeper, deliberately handling the ball.


a. if the ball is played next by the kicker or the person doing the throw-in
b.  penalized by being offside
c.  if a player fairly charges into an opponent when neither is within playing distance of the ball
d. if a player who is not in possession of the ball obstructs an opponent who is attempting to play the ball
e. if a player kicks or attempts to kick the ball while it is in the possession of the goalkeeper
f. for dangerous play
g. if the goalkeeper illegally handles the ball while in his/her penalty area
h. if the goalkeeper takes more than 6 seconds before releasing the ball for play
i. if the game is stopped for misconduct of a player and no other restart takes precedence
j. if the game is stopped for injury or unusual situation and one team has clear possession of the ball

H. Penalty Kick (3rd 8th grade only)

A penalty kick is awarded to the opponents when a player of the defending team commits a foul within his/her own penalty area. Fouls include tripping, kicking, striking, holding, or pushing an opponent and controlling the ball with hands or arms. A penalty kick is taken from the penalty kick line and only the goalie may defend.

I. Goalie Play

A goalie may use hands only in the penalty area, and has only 6 seconds to get the ball into play. The goalie may throw or kick the ball. Once the ball has been released into play, the goalkeeper may not touch it again with the hands until it has been touched by another player. When a player kicks the ball to his own goalie, the goalie may not touch it with his hands, same on a throw-in directly to goalie. The goalie is no different than any other player when outside of the penalty area.

Common Situations

A. Pushing, tripping, holding, kicking or striking an opponent is illegal.
Penalty: The opposing team gets a direct free kick at the point of infraction. A goal may be scored.

B. The ball may not be played with the hands or arms. Playing the ball accidentally with the hands is not an in fraction. It is an offense when done intentionally and an advantage is Gained.
Penalty: Direct free kick

C. The goalie may use hands as long as he or she is within the penalty area near the goal. The goalie may not carry the ball outside the penalty area.
Penalty: Direct free kick

D. A player may not interfere with a goalie in possession of the ball. Penalty: Goalie's team gets direct free kick at the point of interference.

E. If a ball goes out-of-bounds (completely over the touchline) a member of the opposite team has a throw-in.
Penalty: If the throw-in is improperly made, the opposite team is awarded a throw-in. (Except with lst & 2nd wade, we will use the re-do rule)

F. If a player is down and on the ball, it would be ruled dangerous play. Penalty: indirect free kick to the opposing team.

G. If two opponents cause the ball to go out-of-bounds, or if the ball is trapped between two downed opponents, play is stopped and then restarted with a drop ball. The referee drops the ball between two opponents, who can kick it as soon as it hits the ground. It must hit the ground first.

H. Goalie goes away from goal, outside the penalty area and kicks the ball down field.
No penalty: goalie can play ball just like any other player. Just cannot play ball with hands outside of the penalty area.

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