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* Soccer pictures will be held March 14th and 15th.  Times and schedules TBD


Now accepting sponsors for the 2020 season 

Please print a sponsor form, email denisonsoccerinfo@gmail.com, or pickup a form at the CDC.  Forms and payment can be returned to the CDC.  



A big thank you to our 2020 Denison Soccer Sponsors!

Gold Sponsors:

  • Wesco Industries  
  • Rasmussen Lumber
  • Pope Transportation
  • Kiwanis

Silver Sponsors:

  • 32 l U Family Dental & Orthodontic Arts
  • Lambert Family Chiropractic
  • Lawns Perfected
Bronze Sponsors:
  • CCMH
  • Bank Iowa
  • Vazquez Construction
  • The Appliance Store & Cabinet Factory
  • Segebart Chiropractic
  • DMU



Please ask your children to be respectful of city workers, employees mowing, and the property at Northside Rec.  We have a great facility and want to keep it that way.  Thank you!


Please be aware that no cussing, hitting, physical altercations, or un sportsmanlike conduct will be tolerated by the Denison Soccer League.


Please make sure your children understand this and if you witness this behavior, please let a member of the soccer board or a ref know immediately.



We will be providing registration forms and alerts via our website.

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Would you would like to be notified by email or text message when there is a game time change, cancellation or weather related issue. Click the link to the right and fill out the convenient form.

Do you enjoy soccer, have a child playing, play yourself, or enjoy volunteering?

We need you! Come and join us for the Soccer season we are in need of players, coaches, referees and board members.

If you would like to be a coach or referee you can sign up online by clicking one of the links on the right.

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Fun & Safety


We welcome and need volunteers for the following positions:
Coaches, referees, setup, tear down, and support.


Learning games for young soccer players:


Freeze Tag - Choose an "It" - other kids dribble soccer balls in a designated area, not allowing "It" to touch their soccer ball with their foot.  Teaches - dribbling and boundaries


Red Light/Green Light - Line kids up with their soccer balls.  Coach yells "Go" and kids dribble their balls until coach says "Red".  Teaches - stopping a ball and dribbling


Red Rover - - A couple of kids form a line in the middle of the field.  The rest of the kids try to dribble their soccer balls past the middle line of kids.  The middle line of kids tries to kick away the soccer balls.  Teaches - dribbling and blocking


Circle Game - Break kids into sets of 4-5 and have them form a circle.  Place 3 or 4 cones in the middle of the circle.  Instruct kids to knock the cone over by kicking the ball through the circle.  Kids on the other side of the circle get the ball next.  Teaches - control and passing

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